One of our distinguishing features is our ability to replicate missing features from heritage ironwork. The processes and tooling involved in producing forged ironwork are highly specialised and take many years to develop, so there are very businesses in the UK offering this service from qualified conservators. 

On this project we were working under the main contractor (Cliveden Conservation) to conserve the ironwork on this Historic England project. Advanced corrosion on some of the ironwork meant one grille and one roof finial had to be replicated.

At Cardigan Castle we had to replicate new railings that had deteriorated beyond repair, as well as reverse engineer and replicate a number of components that had corroded on the gates and balcony sections.

De Misa Mausoleum

Cardigan Castle

This project involved restoring rail heads at Wing Church in Buckinghamshire. The rail heads had been damaged and subsequently deteriorated to an advanced stage, with one of the heads snapped in two, another severely bent, and all three having missing leaves.

Leafwork often forms one of the main decorative features of forged ironwork. We have therefore accumulated significant experience in replicating leaf forms in metalwork - generally working in pure iron, but also non-ferrous metals such as the copper leaf shown adjacent.

Wing Church